Luke’s 5 tips on how to drink more water

If you’re like me, you’ve heard hundreds of times that you should be drinking more water. Now, for those of you in California who are in a drought right now, I’m sure you could use the excuse that you’re “conserving water” by not drinking the recommended 8+ cups a day, but we’ll just ignore that :).

Gallon jug, mug. Photo credit: Luke OtterstadSo recently, after gleaning a few tips from this post, I was able to finally drink a gallon of water a day!

Here’s how:

1. Fill an empty gallon juice jug (or similar) with filtered water before you go to bed. It’s key to have just one large container, so you can watch your progress. The mental battle is a big part of changing any habit.

2. Put 2-3 bags of a good tasting tea in the jug overnight, leaving it on the counter rather than the fridge (not a must, but I found room temp water seems to go down easier in large quantities).

3. Drink at least 8oz of water right after you get up. Doing this surprised me with how much of an energy boost I got from it. I drink a cup in the morning before coffee, and the water gives me a much more immediate boost. I’m no expert on internal workings of the body, but it seems to just get all the “juices” flowing and awake.

4. Fill a 20oz cup with water, and bring it with you while you drink it.  This was one of the biggest keys to drinking the water. When you pour a 20oz glass, you watch the water in the gallon jug visually go down almost 20%. If I just sip water from the jug, I can’t see it go down at all — the visual encouragement is worth a lot. You can see you’re making progress.

5. Drink whatever’s left at night, and keep it up for a week. It’ll take a few days for your body to get used to water at night, so just endure the first few nights of running to the bathroom. Your body will adjust after a few days, and I’ve found I sleep noticeably better, if I’m well-hydrated.

I’ll admit, I sometimes slack now, but I consistently am drinking half-a-gallon to a full gallon of water a day. I also stopped needing to use tea bags to flavor the water, after getting used to drinking water this way.

Hope that helps,

Luke Otterstad

Luke’s 5 tips on how to drink more water

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