UPDATED: Luke’s review on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Review by Luke Otterstad:
After owning the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for about a month now, I thought I’d give an update on my review of its pros and cons, since some of my opinions have changed on it. (Click here to read my prior review)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Photo credit: Luke Otterstad
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Photo credit, Luke Otterstad.


Battery life: Although I had previously complained about the battery life being a bit short, I’ve been pretty happy with the battery lasting over a day now with moderate use and having both data and wi-fi on the whole time. Although at first it seemed the Note would leave 4G on in the background while I was logged into a nearby wi-fi, the smartphone seems to be acting smarter now and only switches to 4G after I go out of range from the wi-fi.

S-pen: The S-pen is quite impressive and very useful for note-taking on the go when you forgot a pen and paper. It’s also for easily snapping a screenshot and drawing notes on it or highlighting parts of the shot.


Camera quality: I’m really not impressed at all with the 13 megapixel camera on the Note 3. Night shots have been mostly blurred, unless the camera is perfectly still — and although I know night time shots are hard for any camera, in comparison to the 8 megapixel Galaxy S3, the Note 3 is surprisingly lacking. Even daytime shots are often blurred — especially if taken with one hand, and the quality when zooming in after loading the photo on a computer is very grainy.

Mobility/size: Although still a slight “con,” I’ve gotten more used to the size of the Note 3, and can use it more easily with one hand, and have gotten used to storing it in my back pocket without problem.

UPDATED: Luke’s review on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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