Why I left Bluehost website hosting

So I found out today that the refund Bluehost promised if I weren’t happy with an upgrade to their “faster” Pro and Cloud hosting practically doesn’t exist.

After running into consistent downtime and slow server speeds with Bluehost, I recently paid an extra $200+ to upgrade to PRO and then Cloud — hoping to get my site to speed up without the hassle of trying to switch to another hosting service.

But my site did not speed up at all and still had several downtimes each week, so I left hosting my primary site on Bluehost and went with SiteGround hosting (which gave me a nice server speed boost and their chat support has always been available within 60 seconds).

However, since I still need a few smaller websites hosted, I decided to leave them with Bluehost just to avoid the hassle of switching, but I thought I’d downgrade the hosting plan to a minimal-fee plan since they aren’t high traffic sites that need speed.

After a half hour waiting for the Bluehost chat tech, I learned after another hour of chatting that if I were to “downgrade” to basic hosting for $7.95/mo that only ONE of my sites would work, since Bluehost apparently recently changed their plans and rates. So he said I’d have to go with their new “plus” plan for about $12/mo. — instead of the $6 or so I had paid for a similar plan before I upgraded about two months ago.

Web HostingSo I confirm with the tech that to “downgrade” to Plus, it would actually cost me an additional $20+, even though I have about 10 months credit remaining on my more expensive Cloud hosting plan. (He also said they can’t cancel the SSL that came with the Pro upgrade, so there’s another $35 charge for that). So to save money, I ironically ended up staying with the Bluehost Cloud plan that I don’t need, and am stuck using a service I don’t even like.

On the positive side, by sharing my experience here, I can hopefully save you the headache of hosting your site with Bluehost.

My recommendation: When searching for a hosting service for your website, don’t use Bluehost if you need reliable speed and uptime, as well as decent customer service. As for which service is better? You can read my review of WP Engine, Bluehost, SiteGround, and others here.

Why I left Bluehost website hosting

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