Organizers: Why I use Pocket’s free app for productivity

Ever read an article online and then go back to find it and can’t? I’ve been using a free app called “Pocket” for the past few months, and found that it solves a few problems quite well.

luke-otterstad-pocket-appDownloading Pocket on a smartphone, and activating a browser add-on for desktops, will sync all your devices and allow you to save and categorize articles you read with just two pushes of a button.

Now, when I read an article I think I may want to review later, I just hit the Pocket button in my browser, and then have the option to “tag” it in whatever category it should be in for easier reference. For example, I have a “biz tips” section for business-related articles, and also have several personal categories.

No more time wasted searching for that “really good article.” A simple fix to a time-wasting problem.

Pocket, of course, tries to up-sell you on their paid version, but I haven’t found it necessary. The only annoying thing I’ve noticed is that they send me “recommended articles” to my inbox about once a week. There’s probably an “unsubscribe” for that, but I haven’t bothered to check.

Have you tried another smartphone app like Pocket? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.

Organizers: Why I use Pocket’s free app for productivity

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