Google’s Page-level ad earnings aren’t worth it. Here’s proof:

Wondering how much money you can expect to make with Google’s new mobile-optimized Page-level ads?  I was too.

At first glance, Page-level ads seem like a great way to monetize traffic coming to your site from smartphones, but the reality is a very low CPC and minimal income, according to multiple bloggers who tried out the new vignette and anchor ads.

Page-level ads, Google Adsense review, by Luke Otterstad

Here’s a few excerpts of reviews:

“I turned them both on recently. For the anchor/overlay ads I am getting a rpm of 11 cents. For the Vignette ads the rpm is ok but they are crazy disruptive and they hardly ever show so the revenue is insignificant.” – R.R.,

“[A]fter using page level ads for the last 20 days, I was only able to make a few bucks… it’s really hurt our user experience.” –

“Some days my AdSense account has earned exactly [what] it used to earn without the new AdSense page-level ads.” Saumya Majumder, blogger

“I got ridiculously low CTR’s for the anchored ads and very few impressions for the vignette ads. On most of my sites, I don’t care much about user experience, so I’d be OK with disruptive ads. But earnings increased only 2% with page-level ads, so I disabled them after about two weeks of testing.” – W.M.,

“A few weeks ago I started using Google AdSense Page-level ads on one of my niche blogs. The ads were running for two weeks and just got 2 clicks resulting in €0,47 AdSense revenue. The average of clicks a day is around 20 now, so the CTR is really low for these Page-level ads. I decided to quit AdSense Page-level ads for now.” – Nomar, blogger


These reviews were all written prior to August, 2016. Hopefully Google will improve how the pricing is set for the new ads and make Page-level ads more worthwhile financially for publishers in the future. For now, after reading these reviews, I decided to forgo experimenting with Google’s new ad formats on my sites.

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Google’s Page-level ad earnings aren’t worth it. Here’s proof: