How to reset Sienna maintenance light in 3 simple steps

By Luke Otterstad–
Follow these 3 simple steps to reset the “maintenance required” light on your Toyota Sienna:

1. Put vehicle into ignition mode (with keyed systems, turn key to position when dash indicator lights go on just before engine cranks. With push-button systems, push the “on” button twice with your foot off the brake pedal.)

2. With dash mileage indicator on “trip” setting, hold down the trip reset knob.

3. While continuing to hold down the trip reset, turn vehicle off and then back on again.

The dash display will then show “resetting maintenance data” and the maintenance light will be removed.


Thomas the Tank Engine: toy train video for kids

Watch this battery-powered Thomas & Friends engine run through a loop of bridges and blocks, navigating through hazards on the tracks like cars, LEGO’s, and more.
I made this video after picking up some used wooden toy tracks and finding out a Thomas toy we got as a gift actually works pretty good on them.


How to clean your coffee maker & improve taste

Does your coffee not taste as fresh as it used to? Did you know you’re supposed to clean your coffee maker every month? (I didn’t until recently.)
Here’s how:
1. Add 3 cups vinegar, 3 cups water to coffee maker.
2. Run the mix through, like you’re brewing a pot of coffee.
3. Pour out.
4. Repeat 1-3, if necessary.
5. Run full pot of clean water through twice on brew cycle (to clean out vinegar smell).
6. Scrub out the pot with a sponge while the vinegar residue is still in it — you’ll be surprised how those coffee stains wipe away!

Now you’re ready to brew a regular pot of coffee!
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